Some women have shoe fetishes. Some have fetishes for designer handbags, jewelry or fetishes as simple as chocolate. Skyy Armfield has several materialistic fetishes of her own. At thirty-something, single, and running her own beauty salon in downtown Richmond, Virginia, this self-induced narcissist plays by her own rules and feels no regrets for the turmoil she causes with her dangerous fetish her fetish for married men. Skyy juggles three different married men, fulfilling every need left untouched by their wives. Whether its physical, emotional or a combination of both, Skyy wastes no time giving these men everything they miss at home for something in return of course. Fetish for a Blue Skyy is a contemporary, erotic, psychological thriller which takes a tragic turn after Skyy falls for a mystery man. Unbeknownst to Skyy, his identity is a façade and he has a personal vendetta out for Skyy that almost ends her life.

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