Water in My Eyes

Joan Newcomb and her husband Doug are living the American dream. Married for twenty-two years, the two of them are just as in love now as they were when they first married. Their world is turned upside down when Doug is convicted of embezzlement and sentenced to serve two years in prison. Water in My Eyes takes a look inside Joan's head as she uncovers betrayal, deceit, and addiction by way of her husband, best friend, and her son.


One woman's courageous battle with faith in love and friendship is shared in Water in my Eyes. When Joan loses her job, due to Doug's conviction, she battles to keep her household in tact without the financial means to do so. Joan discovers that her best friend Peggy has a secret addiction that puts a strain on their friendship. Joan also discovers that Doug is battling a newfound addiction, which puts an even deeper strain on their marriage. When Joan is at her breaking point, she is sent a blessing. Just in time for Doug's release from prison, Joan feels like her is on track again. However, Joan's newfound success and her husband's release from prison doesn't take her life back to the way it was. How much is she willing to sacrifice to save her marriage? Is her friendship meant to last forever, no matter what? Read Water in my Eyes to find out if Joan possesses the strength to overcome these trials and tribulations or succumbs to it all.


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